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served with a salad and your choice of side, fresh house made dipping sauce and our famous fresh baked yeast rolls. What makes ‘em legendary? You’ll know after you taste one, but just in case you’re a reader… All of our steaks are minumum 21 days wet aged Certified Angus Beef. We hand trim each loin and cut our steaks to order, dust it with our special blend of house seasoning and char grill to perfection. Strictly speaking, passion and pride aren't an ingredient but has everything to do with taste *Since we cut our steaks to order; if you want yours bigger just ask your server*


This Boneless Steak is rich, tender, juicy, and full-flavored, with generous marbling throughout--our favorite cut


12oz 30.99 - 16oz 37.99 - 20oz 45.99

Certified Angus Beef

12oz 24.99 - 16oz 31.99 - 20oz 37.99


The most tender beef cut. Lean yet succulent and elegant. Melt-in-your-mouth texture, subtle flavor, and compact shape

USDA Prime

6oz 38.99 - 8oz 46.99 - 10oz 55.99

Certified Angus Beef

6oz 29.99 - 8oz 36.99 - 10oz 42.99

NY Strip

This premium lean steak is a steakhouse classic, known for its marbling, tenderness and flavor.

Certified Angus Beef

12oz 23.99 - 14oz 26.99 - 16oz 29.99

Hamburger Steak


fresh ground chuck, filet mignon and ribeye, with sautéed onions, mushrooms and gravy

Toppers & Sauces

Sautéed onions, mushrooms, peppers - $2 each, Bleu cheese crumbles - $2, Jumbo Shrimp – $7, Jumbo lump crab meat - $8, Gorgonzola & Jumbo Shrimp Cream Sauce - $7, Tabasco & Jumbo Lumb Crabmeat Cream Sauce - $8


RARE- Cold Red Center *** MEDIUM RARE - Warm Red *** MEDIUM- Warm Pink Center Slight Pink Center *** MEDIUM WELL- Warm *** WELL - Warm Gray Center *** We are not responsible for steaks ordered medium well or well done.


served with a salad and your choice of a side

Chef's Seafood Special
market price

Ever changing variety of Fresh Gulf or North Atlantic fish, created and prepared with the imagination of our chefs as described by your server.

Jumbo Gulf Shrimp

dozen jumbo gulf shrimp sautéed or fried


Mahi Mahi filet grilled or blackened

Ahi Tuna

hand cut, sashimi grade Yellowfin seasoned and char grilled to your requested temperature


Baked Potato (loaded unless otherwise specified), Squash & Onions, Baked Sweet Potato, Sweet Potato Fries, Green Beans, Onion Rings, Broccoli, Rice & Gravy, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Home Fries, Lima Beans Grilled Asparagus 4.99

Fettuccini Alfredo

Fresh fettuccini cooked to order tossed in a scratch made alfredo Add grilled chicken - 5 Add grilled shrimp - 6

Shrimp and Garlic

gulf shrimp sautéed with garlic, bell pepper and onion over fresh fettuccini in a garlic cream sauce

Spicy Chicken and Andouille

blackened chicken, andouille sausage with garlic, bell pepper and onion over bow tie pasta in a spicy cream sauce


Consuming raw or undercooked meat or seafood may be hazardous to your health, please consult your physician or the MS State Health Dept. for further concerns

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